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The Angry Dad videos have amassed millions of views across Facebook and You-Tube, with the most well-known one titled “Honk if your Horny” amassing over 80 Million views collectively.


Their father Mark Orval, a former Collingwood Football player, is confronted with all sorts of scenarios, his reactions then priceless, all be it with many different expletives as Dylan and Mitchell film it all as it unfolds.

Dylan and Mitchell Orval

Dylan and Mitchell Orval



Once considered too sensitive, videos with swearing now appear to be mainstream within society, with brands like Kyle & Jackie O a collaboration partner with Angry Dad content. Angry Dad’s no holds barred reactions and opinions appear to have resonated with audiences all around the world as his audience and engagement continues to grow.

A regular on mainstream morning TV shows such as Today and Sunrise the Angry Dad boys and their father add what appears to be a much-needed dose of fun and laughter to households in this all to serious world we now live in. A constant flow of messages from fans validates this, making the creative efforts of Dylan and Mitchell all worthwhile…. Even if it is at their father Marks expense.